My wife and I are inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus and are trying to live out our faith in the tradition of the Catholic Worker Movement founded by Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day. That said, our goal as artists could be expressed in the words of Georges Rouault – “My only ambition is to be able one day to paint Christ so movingly that those who see Him will be transformed.” Rouault was a kindred spirit. His style was bold and undoubtedly affected by his early training in stained glass, a closely related craft to mosaic. But interestingly, he often portrayed subjects as prostitutes, clowns, and judges in such a magnificent way that the sacred dimension of life shows through.

We believe similarly that life is sacramental, that somehow the Divine Presence breaks into our world through material, earthly means. Inspiration happens when you see others doing miraculously well the things they are meant to do. Like Rouault, Shakers once built quality chairs “as if an angel of the Lord might be offered a seat.” In a totally different vein, I am often inspired when my wife and I go to a dance concert. Sometimes in this setting, I will work out perfect mosaics in my head. Or sometimes at a rock concert, an artistic riddle will be solved. We hope that likewise, through encountering our work you may be helplessly inspired to perfect the very thing that you are called to. Peace.

Other artists and builders we love: