Soma Coffeehouse Bathroom
December 21, 2014


In this installation, we aimed to create a durable mosaic floor that spoke to the legend of Soma, an ancient hallucinogenic drink as well as a lunar deity in the Rig Veda.  After some research , we incorporated a god image, phases of the moon (the drink was said to be consumed on a full moon), twenty-six stars representing the wives of Soma, and a quote from the Rig Veda: “We have drunk soma and become immortal.”  The moons, god, and quote were were completed on mesh in our studio and transported to the site.  The remaining and majority of the mosaic floor was created on-site.  There is a fair amount of local attachment to this iconic bathroom, so we had to create something new that would become an accepted part of the ethos of the existing coffee shop.  In the end, we were absolutely thrilled at how this Bloomington mainstay turned out!