Texture Mosaics
July 21, 2013

The following mosaics were created at the Chicago Mosaic School during a “Texture Workshop” under the direction of Matteo Randi

A: Material, Light, and Flow (Andamento)

This simple first exercise was to demonstrate how light affects different varieties of materials, particularly stone and glass.  We used material of a similar hue to demonstrate how most stone acts as a “light sponge” whereas glass reflects and refracts light giving the mosaic warmth.

B: Dimension of Tesserae (Individual Pieces), Rhythm, Elements

Our second exercise was to demonstrate rhythm and motion using a variety of sized pieces, in this case the mosaic flows around a single feature at the center.  The andamento or flow of lines is slightly more complex than the first exercise, still using nearly monochromatic pieces of stone and glass to show how light alone can make a mosaic stimulating.  This was also an introduction in using “elements” or large inserted pieces that add dimension and interest to the mosaic.

C: Elements, Color, and Interstizi (Space between Tesserae)

In our final exercise, we were asked to work from a concept and to use elements to practice placement of tesserae.  In contrast to the first mosaic in this series this mosaic allows each piece to stand alone emphasizing the importance of the space between each tesserae.