A Mosaic Interpretation of Vachel Lindsay’s Work – “The Wedding of the Rose and the Lotus”
March 15, 2012



The Wedding of the Rose and the Lotus was originally an illustrated poem created by Vachel Lindsay in Springfield, Illlinois, inspired by the opening of the Panama Canal in 1912. According to a University of Illinois archive, “Lindsay saw the Western rose as symbolizing an active, dynamic spirit, while the Eastern lotus symbolized a passive but contemplative spirit. Franklin K. Lane, Secretary of the Interior in President Wilson’s cabinet, distributed this poem to Congress on the opening day of the Panama Exposition.” Check out http://www.uis.edu/archives/lindsay/lotus.html for the poem in full.

This glass on glass piece is fixed to an antique storm window in which little has been altered.  Chris’ entrance into mosaic came through the tile setting trade, where layout and the positioning of each piece is important.  Grids are a staple in tile setting and this shows through in this work.  Chris’ idea was to grid an image and allow the breaks of the grid and the breaks of color to determine the tesserae.  Each grid square is a small mosaic, while the wider image in stained glass and vitreous tiles presents itself boldly.