Colin & Leah’s Bathroom
January 29, 2012


It is a rare opportunity that Sycamore Tile Works gets this open of an invitation to design an entire space, including material selection and furnishing design.  Colin and Leah had already purchased a beautiful cypress tub.  With that furnishing in mind, our original intention was to create something with Japanese sensibilities that would fit in an American bungalow setting.  We decided to install green pebble tiles in the tub section that transitioned to a douglas fir floor in the sink and toilet areas.  Sycamore designed and built a pine sink base to fit a beautiful Armitage Shanks fireclay sink and a matching corner shelving unit to hold towels and other items.  Colin and Leah chose a stucco surface as a backdrop which we trimmed out in fir .  The plumbing and lighting fixtures add modern brushed nickel highlights.  As a final touch we made a pebble mosaic mirror to tie in with the floor.  The approach to this bathroom is exquisite!

Dimensions:   main area (5'x8'); toilet enclosure (3.5'x3')